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Accounts of Ancient Reptilians

What are these Reptilians? (also called reptoids,  reptiloids, or draconians

Reptilians are purported as being reptilian humanoids that play a prominent role in science fiction, conspiracy theories and folklore.  Folklore is abounding with shape shifting themes with the likes: 'The Frog and the Princess', 'Beauty and the Beast'.  Most folklore also seems to describe gods and other deities either as symbolic snakes or as shape shifting reptiles.   Television shows such as “V” and films like “They Live”  also portrays alien shape-shifting reptilians.   

The Bible similarly has themes of shape shifting with the serpent in the Garden of Eden, and the demons driven out by Jesus.  Shape shifting theme is without doubt a common tale throughout different folklore history and the concept still seems present in modern civilisations.   

The idea of reptilians living on Earth was popularised in modem times by the conspiracy author David Icke.  Icke claims that shape-shifting reptilians have control over our world, by taking on human form, and gaining political power to manipulate our societies.  The discovery Sumerian clay tablets, in modern day Iraq and re-interpretation of Egyptian hieroglyphics and other archaeological finds; would suggest an element of credible evidence for Ickes' thesis.


Ancient mythology, folklore and religious texts:

The most famous of all reptilian stories, comes from the Bible.  The story tells of the first human beings (Adam and Eve) and their interaction with the snake in the Garden of Eden.  The story describes how the snake tricked both Adam and Eve into making the first sin.  Most academics would claim that the story of this snake is likely to be symbolic of sin. However, some conspiracy theorists suggest the term 'snake' is merely a metaphor to avoid direct reference. The bible also mentions fallen angels, and the corruption of man’s linage. 

In North America, the Hopi Indian tribe still use snakes as part of their ancient and famous rain dance. The snake is also reveal in Buddhism,in the ‘Wheel of Birth and Death’. In the Hinduism and Buddhist religions: snake like creatures are described as ‘Naggas’. The representation of the snake is believe to be for both protection and reverence. The Naggas are favourable when they revered, or destructive when angered. 

In Australia, there are paintings of the Rainbow Serpent, dating from some 6000 years ago.  The Rainbow Serpent is described as a long mythical creature. The Aboriginal people believed the serpent was the creator of people, and the creator of life giving powers.  The Aboriginal people also admire the serpent as a sign of fertility. In the Hindu culture it was believed that the only way to destroying the serpent, was to removes its head, otherwise its spirit would seek another host.

Reptilians and Buddhism:

It is claimed that after the Buddha formed, his religious community of monks, Buddhism become popular and spread throughout the India continent.Some newer monks joined the order and tried to disrupt and break-up the harmony of the group.The other monks discovered these new monks were not human, but were instead reptilian disguising themselves as human (nagas). 

These nagas were kicked out of the community of monks and a new rule was instituted that only real humans could join the community. All new monks are now asked a series of questions and the sixth question is: “Are you a human being?"

About a hundred years after the Buddha’s death, new teachings were introduced. These teachings were claimed to have come directly from the Buddha.  However, these teachings had been hidden at the bottom of a lake protected by the nagas (Being the same nagas whom were banned; were now protecting secret teachings).   

These new teachings, now known as Mahayana Buddhism, described the Buddha as not a flesh-and-blood man at all but was instead a god pretending to be flesh-and-blood to inspire people. These teachings also discourage personal enlightenment (instead universal enlightenment) and the development of meditation and psychic abilities.

Reptilians and Greek Mythology:

Reptilians’ association within Greek culture, tell of many mythological tales of dragons and serpents. One of these stories tells of Cecrops. Cecrops was a king of Athens and was believed he was born from the earth itself. His top half was shaped like a man and the bottom half in serpent form.  He was the founder and the first king of Athens.   

Cecrops was also culture hero, teaching the Athenians marriage, reading and writing, and ceremonial burial. From an conspiracy prospective: It is possible the Reptilians sought to nurture a select following of well-educated beings to serve their purpose under the Reptilian gods. There was also a goddess called Echidna, the wife of Typhon in Greek mythology, who was half woman, half snake. Other famously known gods included Gaia, Uranus and Zeus, amongst many others. However only Cecrops, Echidna and Medusa are, describe as reptilians (so far).

Reptilians and the Snake People: Ancient America

The stories of reptilians are nothing new to the Americas. Since the beginning of known history, the native peoples of America; have recorded, worshipped and idolised Reptilians.  The ancient Mayan civilisation; spoken and recorded history, tells of a species of “Iguana-Men” who descended from the sky, taking charge of their civilization.  

These "Iguana Men" taught them how to build their pyramids and even instructing the pyramid arrangement in patterns reflecting the constellations.   The legendary Mayan story of Gukumatz tells of the Serpents of Wisdom, whom enlightening the people and occasionally demanding their young, as sacrifice.  The description of “Iguana men” is in itself an interesting terminology.

Quetzalcoatl – the mesoamerican serpent deity

South American Aztec:

The reptilians theme continues throughout ancient civilizations of the Americas. As in Ancient Greece, the reptilians are described as devious by disguised themselves as gods to trick the ancient Aztec. This role of demigods allowed the reptilians to shape the Aztec civilization.
Among the Aztecs, whose beliefs are the best documented in the historical sources, Quetzalcoatl was related to gods of the wind, of Venus, of the dawn, of merchants and of arts, crafts and knowledge.  He was also the patron god of the Aztec priesthood, of learning and knowledge.  Observations made in the terms of deity and god-like allow us to believe that he may indeed was a:  Powerful man with supernatural gifts.  

The Northern American Indian tribes:

The Hopi Indians of Arizona referred to a race of Reptilian humanoids called the Sheti, (this translates to “Snake Brothers”). The Hopi tribe are known for their high level of enlightenment and their deep spiritual connections to the Earth.  While the Hopi’s connection with the Earth would most likely inspire them to write great legends about the creatures that roam the earth, it seems rather unusual for this tribe to associate simple snakes as “snake brothers".

Both Apache and Hopi tribal leaders have spoken to researchers about the Reptilians having underground bases and assisting the tribes in times of crisis.  The underground cities of the reptilians are believed to exist under parts of Arizona, California, and Mexico.  It is apparent that the (fictional or not) "Reptilian-Humanoid" creatures have had an everlasting effect on all American civilizations.  

Reptilians: Ancient Chinese and Asia Mythology:

In China, many reptilian humanoids were depicted in ancient mythology. The mythology goes on to explain that these humanoids have the ability to shape shift.  The tale of the four Dragon Kings are, in Chinese mythology, the divine rulers of the four seas. Although these Dragon Kings appear in their true forms as dragons, they have the ability to shape shift into human form.  

The Dragon Kings live in crystal palaces, guarded by shrimp soldiers and crab generals.  Throughout Chinese culture, we see signs of dragons, and characters that are able to shape shift into humans. Important to their culture was the temples erected to honour the Reptilian Kings.There are numerous temples dedicated to Dragon Kings in China.

Reptilians: Middle East:
Annunaki and Sumerian civilization:

It is known that the Sumerian civilization is the oldest civilization to have ever been recorded; which blossomed out almost overnight around 3800 B.C. in Mesopotamia, (the land between the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates), and came to a sudden end by 2024 B.C. 

The following civilization that came after Sumerian was the Babylonians, and then Assyrians (who came from Sumer as well) whom also worshipped the same gods. The Sumerians, however, were more specifically descriptive when referring to their gods.  The Sumerian people called them Anunnaki which translates into "Those who from Heaven to Earth Came."  This is the first evidence we have from Sumerian records of 'beings' coming from outer space. 

Reptilians: Africa
The Chitauri

The Chitauri are describes as a race of extraterrestrial shape shifters (Not to be confused with the Marvel Comics publications of invading alien race), who visit the Africa continent in the distant past.  According to African mythology: These reptilian based, sentient beings live on the earth and have been here for a very long time, and were instrumental in guiding man in creating civilization, and possibly even genetically manipulating the evolutionary process of our species.   

The Chitauri were able to mimic human form, and absorb human knowledge, apparently by ingesting the bodies or brains of the humans they imitated.  In their natural form, they appear to be large, and reptilian. However no direct (or indirect) artefacts or evidence for the Chitauri (other than on personal account) has ever been produced.

Contemporary Accounts

Author: Zecharia Sitchin

The author Zecharia Sitchin was one of the first people in modern times to purpose the idea of the Reptilians. He associated them as the Anunnaki.  An Alien serpent race visited the earth thousands years ago.This serpent race controlled the humans and created many human civilizations. Sitchin also claims that ancient humans would refer to their alien masters as fallen angels or the sons of the gods.  He used examples of ancient art work, clay tablets and folklore to sustain this theory.  

Sitchin also makes a strange claims that: "The reptilians came to earth to obtain gold for their damaged atmosphere of the planet Nibiru."  He also claimed that the reptilians created homo sapiens through genetic engineering, for working in their gold mines.  And there was also ongoing struggles and war between different reptilian individuals. 

He [Sitchin] goes on to claim that some reptilians wanted to leave the earth, because humans were wild, and backward entities, while others believed they could enlightened the human beings, for their own ends. Additionally, Sitchin mentions that the Anunnaki still live among us, in different shapes and in different organizations; in order to rule and manipulate us. 

Therefore, Sitchin's believes the history of human civilizations on the Earth had begun with the Reptilians. Who taught the basics of the civilization agriculture, building shelters, writing, storage and then mathematics, astronomy, arts, music.... In Sumerian texts and paintings, one can see a perfect drawing of solar system including all planets, even Neptun and Pluto with their satellites.  The Sumerians called themselves black-headed people in their own language. 

Years later, many of Zecharia Sitchin theories have been questioned, and in most cases:  Sitchin's ideas have been rejected by academics and scientists and alike, who dismiss his work as pseudo science, and pseudo history.

Author: David Icke
In his 1999 book ‘The Biggest Secret’ Icke charts the history of the way the elites have controlled the masses from the beginnings of time up to the present day.  He also describes how the politicians and leaders of countries are all on the same side, even though they appear to be opposing each other.  He tells us of bloodlines of Presidents, and the European Royalty. Moreover, how only the purest are in positions of power and influence. Icke also claims that at the dawn of humanity; the alien reptoid were splicing their genes with those of the naked apes of the African savannah, and creating the prototypes for modern humanity.

Icke further associates mythical creatures with devils, the serpents and dragons of myth and legend as our alien controllers, who created us; "as slaves and have controlled us emotionally and mentally for thousands of years, with false religion and lies, while hiding true knowledge". He also claims that; "alien gods created the royal bloodlines of ancient civilisations, and were jealously guarding these bloodlines to safeguard their genetic transmission and alien heritage and pass on their genes to the future".

Written witnesses accounts: according to: “The Biggest Secret”.

Christine Fitzgerald:

According to auther David Icke and his 1999 book 'The Biggest Secret': Christine Fitzgerald claims to have been Princess Diana's personal confidant and psychic healer Christine Fitzgerald told the conspiracy research author David Icke in a taped interview that: "Princess Diana told her that the royal family were lizards, and were not human". However, no audiotape to confirm the Fitzgerald interview, has ever been release; nor is there any evidence to confirm Fitzgerald status as confidante to Princess Diana.  Icke in his 1999 book ‘The Biggest Secret ‘ unfortunately relays on the hearsay of Fitzgerald to support his thesis of the symbolic and ritualistic death of Princess Diana.

Arizona Wilder:

In the videotaped interview conducted by Icke: Wilder claims she was programmed and trained to conduct satanic rituals by Joseph Mengele (The Angel of Death/Nazi death camps of World War II). Wilder describes how she conducted rituals in which the Queen, the Queen Mother and other members of the British Royal Family; sacrificed children in satanic ceremonies.   

She mentions similar experiences with Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and members of the Rockefeller and Rothschild families (and a host of the mostly famous names from the United States and the United Kingdom). She also goes on to mention the role of the Illuminati. Some critics believe she is unconvincing in her testimony of the hybrid bloodlines and reptilians.

In 2003, Wilder suddenly disappeared, then In 2011: a person claiming to be Arizona Wilder (Jennifer Ann Greene) made a claim about David Icke’s  video recording ‘Revelations of a Mother Goddess’ interview:  “His material is not today and has never been my experience nor was the concept of ‘shape-shifting reptilians’ something that I experienced as an unwilling victim at rituals”....  She claims that for many years, she has condoned the use of material made, while being involuntarily programmed for the David Icke video.   

She goes on to blame David Icke’s associate Brian Desborough as responsible for her programming. It is also worth mentioning that after the publication of Icke’s book “The Biggest Secret” (1999) a friend, contributor and editor to David Icke's work Ivan Fraser raised questions about the reliability and trustworthiness of Arizona Wilder, and the association of Brian Desborough.

In Icke's  2010 book 'Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More'  he states quite clearly in a very straightforward manner throughout pages 209 to 211, that he still believes everything Arizona originally revealed to him, and that he wants to get back in touch with her.  This admission by Icke clearly indicates that he genuinely believed the evidence given by Wilder in her ‘Revelations of a Mother Goddess’ interview.

Credo Mutwa:  
The Chitauri:

In another videotaped interview conducted by David Icke: The Chitauri are described by Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa “as shape shifting reptilians in ancient legends”.  Mutwa says the term Chitauri translates as “children of the serpent”.  Mutwa then goes on to claim that the knowledge of the shape shifters was common in Africa until the Illuminati (European bloodlines) infiltrated and targeted the shamans; so they could destroy the truth.  

He also claims that the reptiles live in an underground base, and that ancient Africans, believed them to be gods.  Interesting Mutwa also mentions the Chitauri’s dislike of idols, or being depicted by any form.  The dislike of physical depiction of the gods, by humans seems noticeable common especially in relation to monolithic religions.

The Critics:

Most sceptics (including other conspiracy theorist) argue against the 'Reptilians' theory, claiming that reptilians are not real, and are merely a figment of imagination.  Some suggest alternatives such as mind control or drug induced psychosis, to explain these sightings The less forgiven conclude the "Reptilians" is a thesis of someone with mental health issues, and the theme, originates from the science fiction television movie and series ‘V’, (which first aired in 1983). Where supposedly peaceful alien "Visitors" (who appear human in appearance), arrive on Earth in giant flying saucers.These visitors appear human; but were actually humanoid reptiles concealing their identity. 


However the evidence proved by ancient civilisation is compelling from the "Ra"  or "serpent of wisdom", the dragons from American, Chinese and Greek mythology.The continued mentioning of reptilian gods, throughout different (and unconnected) civilizations is also interesting.  It seems unlikely that these different stories could actually be describing a single entity. In conclusion: There is no straight forward or simple answer to any of these questions:  Maybe they [Reptilians] are just a powerful metaphor for what we can see all around us.  


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Additional information:

Marvel Comics publications of invading alien race called the Chitauri:

The race was original called the skrull, in the ultimate marvel publication.  The name was changed from Skrull to the Chitauri, in the ‘The Adventures’ film. The Skrull were a race of genetically modified beings, manipulated by “celestial beings” (aliens). The Chitauri make their first appearances in a comic series called The Ultimates in 2002 and characterised as shape shifting reptilian beings whom try to take over the world. Wikipedia - Chitauri (Accessed 8/02/2014) 


  1. Not too bad but there's some more information that you could gather and grab and detail it. For example, mass of Hollywood movies and reptillian symbolism, if the conspiracy theorists are psychotic and paranoid schizo what are the people that are in Hollywood making them movies of the reptilian aliens? How about comic books such as Batman(crockill) or Spider-Man (curt connors Master geneticist) with the reptilian aliens symbolism , even video games portray reptilian symbolism ,there is paintings that portray reptillian symbolism an example Saint Wolfgang and the devil, It goes on and on and on and the reason they do this is to portray the occult the secret history or the secret knowledge of our world. For example in the Bible Revelations it says "the Great Dragon original serpent called the devil and Satan" right there is a big clue obviously referring to the reptilian alien bloodlines. When you add up all the stories the facts the secret symbolism there is no doubt in my mind there is some type of intelligent powerfull reptilian entity in "our world". I would really love to add more to this so I can bring up a clear picture for people that are Skeptics

    1. Hi there. I'm looking at this subject from a historic prospective, and generally I tend to ignore films and comic books; due to being unreliable either as complete fiction or twisted reality.

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