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Arizona Wilder: Revelations of a Mother Goddess

Mother Goddess: Fact from Fiction.

Arizona Wilder:  

The Arizona Wilder story was introduced to the world in 1999 by conspiracy author David Icke, (the world's leading author of the reptilian theory) via a videotaped interview titled ‘Revelations of a Mother Goddess’. At this point: Icke himself admits he has never actually met a reptilian. But during the 1990s, people began to approach him with stories of reptilian encounters. According to Icke: "One woman even watched her boyfriend morph into reptilian". However not one authentic photograph, or video recording of a reptilian has appeared in the 20 years since Icke first made his claim. He has however discussed them at great length in every book he has written since 1999's ‘The Biggest Secret’.

At the time Icke conducted his videotaped interview with Arizona Wilder (born Jennifer Ann Nagel), she was a middle-aged American woman who claimed to have been a high priestess of the satanic type cult for much of her life. Wilder explained how she was raised from childhood to become a priestess, and was mind programmed by Dr. Josef Mengele (Nazi Germany’s Angel of Death).

Satanic Priestess:

Wilder, told Icke she was prenatally selected to become a priestess, (also known as a Mother Goddess or Starfire). She claimed the reptilians’ are obsessed with bloodlines and Wilder apparently was the perfect genetic profile. In addition to her genetic profile, the reptilians were seeking to use her psychic abilities. Interestingly she doesn't explain how these skills were detected.

She claims not knowing who her real father was; only knew he couldn't be the man who called himself her father, because he came from an "impure bloodline". Wilder did not divulge her precise heritage, but she identifies herself as Aryan and says she dyes her fair hair to keep the Illuminati away from her. Paradoxically, she also hints that her maternal ancestry involves the Rothschild family.

Wilder (Jennifer Nagal) had a seemingly normal upbringing in California, raised by her birth mother and a man she identified as her stepfather. Both her parents were elementary school teachers. Her memories of Satanic Reptilians were "recovered" during adult psychotherapy. In 1989, she realised her past contained large amounts of missing time.

Gradually, over the course of a decade (1989-'99), she recovered memories of sexual abuse by her stepfather, mind control programming, and ritual abuse. She realised that her parents had been forced to move to California in her infancy so she could begin training as a high priestess in the Illuminati, which practices "Satanism". (Rituals with human sacrifice).

Personal Journey:

The state of California, she explained to Icke, is the international headquarters of the High Council. Trauma-based mind control was used to compartmentalise the young Wilder with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Wilder was also subjected to electroshock, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, sensory overload, and more sophisticated forms of mind control, including tri-tonal frequencies. The programming combined with elements of ancient druidic rituals, and conducted on military bases, primarily China Lake Naval Base in the California desert.

Wilder's primary programmer was Josef Mengele,(Angel of Death) whom she claims was brought into the states under Project Paperclip to conduct horrific psychological experiments on children. Mengele made little effort to disguise his physical appearance or his strong German accent, but called himself "Dr. Green". Dr. Green introduced Wilder to Satanism, taking her to rituals in the U.S, France, and Britain. Her parents did not interfere, as being Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) victims themselves. Various groups within the Illuminati system schooled Wilder in history, the paranormal arts, and ritual magic.

She told how she taken to an underground military installation beneath Area 51 to meet cloned cyborg dolphin-alien hybrids known as cybers, as well as real aliens. At another military base, she learnt how to communicate with dolphins. The Janus Group then taught her how to psychically murder. When she was five years old, she was taken to Leningrad for psychic experiments jointly conducted by Soviet scientists and the KGB.

The Soviets subjected young Wilder to near drowning experience, in ice water on three separate occasions to induce near death experiences, as part of their research. The Mothers of Darkness taught her that the Aryans came to Earth from Mars about 6000 years ago, after Reptilian aliens invaded Mars. She then fails to explain whom the Mothers of Darkness are; or if this is in fact another term used for the Mother Goddesses.


The Reptilians followed the Aryans 2000 years later, masquerading as gods to fool humans into obeying them. By interbreeding with select Aryans, the Reptilians created an elite bloodline that persists to this day. Though they appear human, they are actually holographic projections surrounding 7'-12' tall, bipedal lizards that can move in and out of other dimensions at will. These alien-human hybrids maintain their human shape most of the time, but when exposed to human blood they lose control over their holographic projections, morphing into their reptilian manifestations. Wilder and Icke referred to this as "shape shifting".

According to Wilder; "the reptilians do not possess many human emotions, but they do have an urge to worship Satan". Furthermore, they need humans to conduct their satanic rituals, because they do not possess psychic abilities. Apparently psychic skills are required to worship the devil in the appropriate manner. This is where 'Wilder and her fellow mothers of darkness' come in.

It was Wilder's job, as a high priestess, to stand within a hexagram, a pentagram, and a triangle drawn on the ground and summon the evil "Old Ones". She suggested they are ancient reptilians from another dimension. Wilder describes the reptilian religion is something between ancestor worship, crossed with paganism.

Mother Goddesses:

According to Wilder: At any given time, there are only three Mother Goddesses in the entire world. Wilder goes on to mention by tradition they are replaced by their own daughters when they reach the age of 52.Yet  Wilder fails to explain why Mother Goddesses have a such short shelf life.

Wilder escaped this fate, only because she began to recover her repressed memories in her forties, and yet strangely does not mention her own mother, within this context. The alternate title for Mother Goddesses, is "Starfire", which is a reference to menstrual blood. In 'The Biggest Secret', Icke calls it the "female lunar essence", treasured by the ancients. "Virgin priestesses offered it up to the elite as life-prolonging" "nectar of the gods".

Icke also tells us the word "ritual" derives from this practice, as ritu means "red" in some ancient language or another. To the Reptilians, however, this is more than just a ritual practice. Icke tells us, "Drinking menstrual blood has always been a feature of the reptilian bloodlines because they need blood to live in this dimension. Without it, they cannot hold their human shape”. (Note: Extensive searching doesn't disclose any reference to the reverence of menstrual blood. The evidence however suggest that people throughout the ages, have found menstrual blood unclean.)

Wilder continues: "Reptilians sacrifice all their first born children as well as many other victims. Among these are children bred specifically for sacrifice". Wilder claimed to preside over many unpleasant rituals that turned men and women into ravenous monsters. Drinking their victims' blood and consuming choice parts of their flesh. These rituals were usually held on pagan holidays. Because these atrocities were committed while under mind control; Wilder had no conscious recollection of them until entering therapy in 1989.

As early as 1990, however, she began speaking out against the New World Order, and attracted the attention of conspiracy web author Brian Desborough; who claims to assist survivors of mind control. It is likely that Desborough brought Wilder to the attention of David Icke.

Wilder in her interview with Icke, mentions numerous famous people as reptilian hybrids. Strangely, Wilder also implicated the ancient alien author Zecharia Sitchin. The late Sitchin wrote many books about a race of humanoid aliens who visited Earth from a tenth planet in our solar system, Nibiru; whom masqueraded as the gods of ancient Sumer. (While at rituals) Wilder said: "Sitchin boasted about getting rid of people who interfered with his work".

At this point in the interview: Icke revealed that Sitchin once warned him away from investigating the reptilian presence on Earth. It is however entirely possible that Sitchin mention this to Icke; because he does not subscribe to the reptilian theories of the Annunaki aliens. In fact, he describes those aliens as essentially human in appearance.

Wilder went on to explain that the Reptilians had been pursuing the Aryan peoples around the universe for millennia in order to harvest their blood. The blood of the white, blond-haired, blue-eyed race was particularly important to them. Wilder also mentioned the present head of the Illuminati is not a Rothschild. It is actually a Reptilian-human hybrid known as Pindar, or the Marquis de Libeaux. According to Wilder, Pindar while in his Reptilian form is so terrifying that even the Queen Mum (another shape-shifter according to Wilder) quailed before him. His name means 'Penis of the Dragon', and his personal totem is a golden phallus. Pindar has impregnated many Aryan women as possible to perpetuate his bloodline. He is the real father of Prince Charles, and perhaps William as well.

In her 2001 presentation (Mind controlled slaves): Wilder maintains she was not led, influenced, or coerced during the Icke interview. She believes the information obtained was accurate. She also mentioned being in therapy with an internationally recognised therapist, who specialised in treating victims of ritual abuse and mind control. Also in the same presentation: Wilder explained that she used journalism and artwork as part of her therapy and memory retrieval process. It was noticed at her 2001 presentation by attendees that: She appears much more animated and expressive in this presentation than in the Icke interview. She does not hesitate as frequently. Wilder also gave a few presentations at different New Age and conspiracy gatherings; and was interviewed by radio hosts on several occasions. Then suddenly: Wilder disappeared from the public view.

The Return of the Mother Goddess: (Jennifer Kealey/Arizona Wilder)

In an open letter posted to the blog 'Silence is Betrayal' (2011), Wilder (know as Jennifer Kealey) lays out what she now believes what really happened to her. Her current life story, now tells of genetically engineered, trauma and the CIA's MK-ULTRA program. But interestingly she now disputes the ‘Revelations of a Mother Goddess'

The Icke Interview:

She now claims that in 1998, she was abducted and subjected to mind control; through electric shocks by unknown person (or persons). She also claims of being mentally manipulated in advance of her interview with David Icke, who is also apart of the satanic conspiracy network, which Wilder calls ‘The System’.

It is now her belief that the unknown perpetrators programmed her with false reptilian stories and guided her to Icke, in order to shield 'The System' behind a smokescreen of disinformation. No explanation is given how Icke and the others got her to report and repeat their reptilian disinformation, or why she gave a 2001 lecture on the topic.

She must at least be partly conscious of what occurred during the filming of ‘Revelations of a Mother Goddess’, because she explains that prior to the interview, "Icke instructed her not to gesture with her hands, and was forced to remove her glasses, so she was unable to see very well". Wilder maintains she was being prepared for her reptilian disinformation role as early as 1996, and was even programmed to change her name to "Arizona Wilder”.

After her days on the conspiracy lecture circuit, Wilder gradually, realised that the reptilian thing was nonsense, merely implanted in her mind by evil manipulators, and had distanced herself from it. In 2006, she legally changed her name back to Jennifer Nagel. She now believes that the controlling elite operate openly, and are planning to stage disasters they will pass off as acts of God; killing millions of people in the Northern Hemisphere.

An issue of credibility:

There appears to be some contradiction given in Wilder’s original interview with David Icke. Forgetting and disregarding the poor performance and lack of credibility, in telling her story. There are many unexplained gaps within her story. For example: she doesn't mention her altering personalities, and if she is now integrated, or still suffers DID.

In addition, she failed to explain why the blond-haired, blue-eyed variety was the victim type they [reptilians] desired more than any other. Yet almost none of the individuals she saw at rituals fit within this genetic category. These are merely a few of her inconsistencies, throughout the Icke interview.

What does this mean to the seekers of truth? Well it is true that not everyone (at the time) accepted Wilder's stories. Some noted she had a hypnotised or drugged look about her in the video, while others simply did not find her satanic blood-orgy tales convincing. One of Icke's former close associates at the time: Ivan Fraser, was openly skeptical about nearly everything she had to say, and felt that Icke had been set up by someone trying to discredit him. However most people (including Icke) accepted Wilder's account at face value.

Today, (surprisingly) Wilder disputes most of content in her Icke interview, and contends that the same people who subjected her to mind control programming and ritualistic abuse in her childhood, had manipulated her into telling stories about reptilians. So It appears that she has retracted just about everything from her ‘Revelations of a Mother Goddess’ videotape interview. I strongly suspect her earlier critics were correct in their assumption of credibility.

Editor note* Mengele was living in South America.

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