Wednesday, 5 February 2014

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Reptilians: Fact or Fiction

My story starts through my observation while studying and researching of historical events and historical people.  During this search, I began to notice an unusual familiarity of  strange circular disks and other unusual imagines.  I've always thought these unusual depictions could easily be explained away; considering the lack of scientific knowledge, and the spiritual nervousness of our ancient ancestors.Yet as I continue to encounter more evidence of snake idolisation, and worship! I began wondering if an pattern was developing.  Hence: Why did/would our ancestor idolise a mere snake! 

This of course makes no sense to me.If our ancestors had a thing for worshipping the domestic cow or wild boar? Then the explanation would be reverently apparent.  Even the extensive research of mainstream literature could proved any explanation; other than describing these practices and symbols as mere metaphors.  For one to find sort of answer or reasonable explanation: One has to look beyond mainstream literature.

In during my search for unconventional sources: I happened to encounter the very strange alien reptilian theory. As I had no prior knowledge of the reptilian theory, 'whatsoever'.  I had never encounter literature of humanoid reptilians within mainstream literature. Then asking myself? Who would seriously consider the artwork, crafts and descriptions of the simple snake as metaphor, for something much greater.   It seemed the more I explored the unconventional, the clearer the explanation became.  Trying to detail and gather evidence to support or dismiss these different theories associated with the Reptilians 'is no easy task'. 

Thoroughly searching different lines of enquiry has led me towards sources, conspiracy theorists and aliens. Most prominently of these theories are those of the conspiracy author David Icke. His thesis seems most prominent, followed by aliens and folklore stories.  Investigating these claims requires that one adheres to analytical method and empirical data.  I've (so far) make a great deal of effort to describ,e and examine these different theories.   I plan to examine and publish each of these theories independently, and separately, as to avoid any cross association, and confusion.  I have also intentional included UFO research as part of the generalisation of the conspiracy theory.

My research is on going and other articles will be published. 

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