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The Ghost of Christmas Past: Christine Fitzgerald

Christine Fitzgerald


Christine Fitzgerald is best known for her 'supposable' audio taped interview with conspiracy author David Icke; where she claims to have been the best friend (and spiritual healer) of Princess Diana; and quoted Diana's opinions of the English Royal family to conspiracy author and researcher Icke for his 1999 book 'The Biggest Secret'. Fitzgerald (alongside Wilder) was another primarily source for Icke's reptilian thesis. Like Wilder; Fitzgerald is now denying all knowledge, and firmly disputes Icke's claims and quotations. 

The following transcript is from an interview given by Fitzgerald (March 2016) for the online website 'Your Wired News'

  • Christine Fitzgerald has gone on the record for the first time and what she has to say will send shock waves around the world.
  • Christine Fitzgerald confirms Diana was ‘murdered by MI6 at the behest of the Windsors’
  • Claims the Royal Family will ‘take out anyone who stands in their way’;
  • Says Phillip is a psychopath, and Queen Elizabeth holds a veto on decisions;
  • Believes the Royal Family are beginning to lose control again;
  • The BANNED film Unlawful Killing got close to the truth

It was an orchestrated criminal conspiracy, a mafia-style assassination,” Christine Fitzgerald told me.  “Don’t think that just because they have cut-glass accents doesn’t mean they aren’t more vicious and criminal than the mob.  They ARE.  They will take out anyone who stands in their way.  They will do anything to keep control.”

MI6 had been monitoring Diana for years before her death.  She was surrounded by staff who were actually working for MI6, many of whom she liked and trusted.  She was always second guessing herself and everyone around her, always wondering if she was paranoid.” “She was frightened for her life for years before her death.  She knew things weren’t right.  We would sit together and chat and listen to Duran Duran to try and relax but it stopped working.   She showed me the letter she wrote to Paul Burrell and asked if I thought she was crazy.” “She thought that Charles had used her as a vessel to have William, and once she’d done that there were whispers among the Windsors about how to retire her from public life.  They were terrified of her."  

Diana was a smart, sensitive girl.  She could sense their fear.   You wouldn’t believe some of the things she told me about Phillip, he’s a real dark psychopath.   And Elizabeth…  It makes perfect sense to know they killed her.” “I have only stopped crying in the last few years.  I am ready to speak now.  I’m not scared.  When I think of her murdered, pregnant, and embalmed I feel cold all over.  Rage.  I freeze.  But it is time to move forward and that involves telling people what I know.

Christine Fitzgerald revealed that she is only now ready to speak about the details of her friend’s death, and that previous interviews with her were the work of frauds. She described her ‘shock’ and ‘outrage’ at discovering what David Icke claims she told him.  “I met David Icke and walked away without giving him any information because I realised he wasn’t listening to me and just wanted to push his ‘reptilians run the world’ agenda.  He looked at me with those cold blue eyes and said ‘Of course they are bloody reptilians, Christine!’  He got mad and swiped a cat off the sofa.” “All that stuff he quotes me saying about cold-blooded reptilians and energy transferring from person to person via their ‘jacksies’… I never said a word of that!  I would never use the word ‘jacksie’ for god’s sake!

Christine was shocked when she happened to read a copy of The Biggest Secret by David Icke.  It was given to her years ago by a friend but she didn’t pick it up and look at it until last year. “The tape recording that he claims to have doesn’t exist.  It can’t exist.  Even if he was recording me against my knowledge it can’t exist like he says it does because I didn’t say any of that stuff.  The idea that I tried to sue him to keep it quiet is utter, utter nonsense.  I am happy to talk about Diana’s death but not to somebody who wants to twist my words.  How dare he!  He is disrespecting her!

Christine touches my arm and tells me I “must be very brave… and please be very careful.  Strange things happen to those who know the truth.  Accidents, you know?  People go missing.”  She points to her earrings – plain sapphire studs hanging from a string of silver, drop style – and tells me they once belonged to Princess Diana. “She gave them to me the last time we met.  She hugged me for a long time.  I think she knew she didn’t have long left.

Reliable or Unreliable 

It appears that; ghosts from Icke's Christmas pasts are coming back to haunt him; coming forward to dispute his claims made in the 'Biggest Secret'. Yet as I've already mentioned in an earlier blog; (where I criticized Icke for this). There is no evidence to prove that Fitzgerald even knew Princess Diana! Let alone any evidence to suggest that Fitzgerald was a Confidante: someone to whom Princess Diana would discuss private matters with. Even if her former status could be confirmed? Then there still wouldn't be any proof that Princess Diana even uttered the 'lizard' word: Or if she actually considering it to be true, or not.

An abbreviation of Fitzgerald's claims:

"The popular princess went so far as to publicly refer to the British House of Windsor as "lizards" and "reptiles." "They're not human," she said. [5] Diana grew to believe that the British monarchy, with all its hidden power, were her enemies. [6]. In Great Britain, all members of MI5, MI6 (British intelligence agencies), members of Parliament, and military officers swear an oath of loyalty to the monarchy, not to the United Kingdom. [5] [6]. In the U.K., the monarchy is the state. By revealing royal family secrets, Diana may have been committing "treason." (Icke,D.1999)

Fitzgerald's knowledge and opinion on the death of Princess Diana is quite like a chapter from one of Icke's numerous publications. A theory right up there with the Moon space ship, 12 foot lizards and his Satanic theories. Her [Fitzgerald] March 2016 interview with 'Your Wired News' website (News website with questionable articles, and an association with Icke's former right hand man Sean Adl) is to be believed? Fitzgerald seems to be undermining what little credibility her 1999 audio taped interview had. I suspect this is merely another rehash of an old story.


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